Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem my Hotel Voucher? Once you have purchased a Hotel Voucher, you will receive an email with a redemption code. You will need to register this code on our site.

(Click here to redeem your Hotel Voucher)
How do I redeem my BONUS roundtrip airline ticket? Your BONUS roundtrip airline ticket is emailed to you separately with instruction on where to register for your ticket.
How do I redeem my Discount Savings Bonus? Upon booking, you will receive an email which contains the information regarding your discount savings bonus.
Do I have to register my Voucher? Yes. If your Voucher is not registered within the 12 month window, it will be considered expired and void. There will be no refunds provided for un-registered Vouchers.
What is the latest I can book using my Hotel Voucher? Your reservation must be booked within one year of your purchase.
Will the Hotel I want be available in the future if I don't book it right now? Our inventory is on a first come first served basis. We cannot make any guarantees that the hotel you see today will be available tomorrow. There is always a chance that it may become booked and taken off the inventory list.
Are the Hotels all-inclusive? There are no hotels that are all-inclusive on our list.
Does my Hotel voucher cover anything else? Your hotel voucher only covers your two night hotel stay. It does not cover food, entertainment, transportation, etc.
Are there any additional fees for the Hotels after the Hotel Voucher purchase? No, all fees and taxes are included in your hotel voucher.
Do I have to use my Hotel Voucher all at once even if I only plan on staying one night? Your Hotel Voucher is to be used for 2 consecutive nights. You cannot split the Voucher to use for 2 separate nights.
What is the quality of the hotels? Great quality, most are 3-5 star rated hotels! Each Hotel has a listing of full amenities and features for you to choose from and find the perfect accommodation! The great part is, you get to view them all and you get to pick what is right for you!
Can I bring my pets? Pets are not allowed unless they are guide animals.
Are there any blackout dates? None at all! If it is in our live inventory list, it is available for you to book!
Can I make any changes after I have already booked my Hotel? All reservations are considered final. We cannot change the date or Hotel once you have finalized your booking.