Bonus Companion Airfare


GotStays customers who take advantage of the bonus discount airfare have access to a proprietary and exclusive, easy-to-use booking website - anytime and anywhere. With the purchase of two tickets, you will enjoy 50% off incentive pricing with no blackout dates to any of the lower 48 contiguous states.
Benefits to You:
  • Simple, online booking, 24-hours a day
  • No blackout dates - select any date
  • Flexibility in travel with roundtrip itinerary options
  • All major airlines are offered
  • All major and regional U.S. airports included
  • Frequent flyer miles credited for all eligible passengers
  • Half-off discount use on 48 contiguous state airfares


The 50% airfare discount voucher is free compliments of GotStays.

Here is a brief recap of how the program works. GotStays Hotel program customers are entitled to one 50% off two airline tickets (domestic flights within the 48 US States) when you book airline tickets. You can book your flights online at their site or over the phone. Once you have used your discount airfare voucher within the year, you will no longer have that as an option the next time you log into the account. It can be a single trip, round trip and multi destination ticket. For the multi destination tickets, the point of departure for the returning trip does not have to be the same point of arrival. Open tickets, open trips and stopovers are not allowed. The tickets are also non-refundable and non-transferable. For more information, see Terms of Participation.

Now that you have the mechanics out of the way, here are some FAQs. How does my 50% airfare discount benefit work? As a registered GotStays voucher owner, you are entitled to one (1) complimentary 50% discount airfare voucher for two coach class airline tickets within the 48 contiguous United States. Tickets must have the same itinerary. Discount applies to the purchase of two coach class airline tickets at the published fares, online or directly from a servicing agent. You are required to pay all the taxes and fees for both the purchased tickets. How do I redeem my bonus discount airfare benefit? You can go online to the incentive company or simply contact their Reservations Center via phone Monday thru Friday 9:00am-6:00pm eastern time, and Saturday 10am - 1pm eastern time. Is there a minimum fare requirement? No, there is no minimum or qualifying fare requirement with this bonus. You will be offered your choice of airlines and the lowest available fares in the market. You can select the itinerary available that best fits your schedule. What if I want a specific airline and flight which I found available online? The incentive company uses the largest global distribution system (GDS) available to provide you airline and schedule options. Is there a service fee associated with my discount airfare benefit? There is no other associated service or processing fees. All taxes and fees are charged directly by the airlines and the global distribution system (GDS). You are responsible for those associated taxes and fees for both tickets. Are there any blackout dates? There are no blackout dates, however please remember that to plan well in advance if you plan on traveling during the holidays so they can assist you with the best possible travel arrangements. Can I use my frequent flyer miles? You cannot use your frequent flyer miles to purchase your published fare tickets, however the frequent flyer mileage accounts of the travelers can be applied to the tickets of participating airlines for credit on the purchased tickets. Can I earn frequent flier miles on both the tickets? The answer is yes you can. When you book your flights, you have to enter your FF account numbers for both yourself and your companion. That way, the account will be recorded and your miles should be credited into your account. If it is not, a phone call to the airlines' frequent flier department should do the trick. Are prices on the flights more than the airline site or with sites like Different people have different experiences depending on when they book the flights and which cities they are traveling from. Some folks have said the prices are exactly identical to Kayak. Regardless, you are getting a 50% off discount tickets, and are still saving money. Can I use the bonus airfare voucher for first class? The answer is no. The bonus discount airfare voucher is good for two domestic coach class tickets in the 48 contiguous United States. Hawaii and Alaska are not available destinations with your bonus discount. What if I need to change or cancel my reservation? Due to the special cooperative participation of their travel partners, once you are confirmed and paid in full all reservations are non-refundable, non-endorsable and non-transferable for any reason, medical or otherwise. Name changes are not permitted. You have an option to purchase travel insurance - ask one of their travel professionals about this. You can reschedule your trip with at least 72 hours notice, however the fare price may have changed and all changes are subject to availability. What documentation do I need in order to travel? Travelers will be required to provide proper identification prior to boarding and check in. The incentives company is not responsible, nor will it replace or refund any tickets due to denial of boarding or check in for any reason. If I have questions regarding my discount airfare bonus or I am experiencing problems using the online booking facility who should I contact? You should direct all inquiries to the incentives company issuing the voucher. Agents are available to assist you Monday thru Friday 9:00am-6:00pm eastern time, and Saturday 10am - 1pm eastern time. The incentive company, one of the largest, will be providing you assistance with your tickets.